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FashionistA Eyeshadow & Palette Review

As you know I attended TOWIB a few weeks back and whilst there, we were shown some key looks from FashionistA. If you have never heard of them they are a relatively new brand who are available in your local Superdrug or online. After all of the demonstration displays I decided that I was most interested in the blue look (below).

Mainly due to the vibrancy of the colours on the model and also because it reminded me of the Andrew Gallimore look for Dior in Harrods A/W "A Study of Colour" and I knew then that this was the palette for that video.

The packaging

Now I have not been able to find FashionistA in either of my two local Superdrugs, so I cannot verify if it comes with this lovely red bag or not ;-)

the palette

 It does however come in a gorgeous black box which reflects the brands image very well, very black and very chic. Now when you receive your shadows, either in the post or in store you will receive them in seperate pots/containers. If you wish to have them in a palette as I have above the you will need to purchase this seperately too complete the look.

I must say that when I realised that they were all separate I did have a mini panic attack thinking that they could possibly be like inglots shadows and that I might scratch/dent them when removing from one pot to another. My panic however was ill founded as it turned out as the shadows pop out and in as smooth as clockwork.

Left to right. Midnight Blue - Shade 12, Deep Ocean - Shade 11, Silver Lining Shade 2,  Blue Eyes - Shade 10
The Swatches

When it comes to eyeshadows I'm always overly wary of the colours they appear to be in the palette and the colour they actually turn out to be on my skin. But when it comes to FashionistA they are true to their appearance for those of us with that killer tan.

I found the shadows to be very blendable and they were a dream to work with on my upcoming Harrods video ;-) Totally looking forward to getting my hands on a few more of their products for winter.

Have you tried FashionistA? Did you enjoy their colour range?

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