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Pin Curls Attempt 1, FOTD, OOTD

So if you subscribe to my you tube channel you will have seen my mini whinge a few months back about my hair and the issues that I had been having with it.
In a nutshell I went bald on both sides of my head and had a few bald patches dotted across my head. My problem at that time was that I was suffering quite alot of breakage even though my hair was growing back.
But that's another story that I will go into greater depth in a video perhaps, haven't quite decided as yet.
Anyhow I wanted to show my results when I did "pin curls" - still not sure if I did it right though, but I did like the results I got.

Using GHDs I curled individual sections 

and pinned whilst still hot 

I did this in fairly large sections as I wanted a loose curl


Close up 

I combed it thru with a paddle brush, for a uniformed curl.

OOTD - Primark Jumper and H&M Skirt 

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