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My First Time - TOWIB

So I attendend my first ever blogger event and boy was I nervous, absolutely ridiculous I know but I cant stand unfamiliar situations. To the extent that I almost chickened out just around the corner - but I spotted a Starbucks and my mocha frappuccino with extra shots of espresso in it did the trick for me :-) 

TOWIB (The Only Way Is Blogging) is run by LondonBeautyQueen and its aim is to bring together bloggers to share experience and knowledge. 

Above is an over view of what we did, when and with whom. 

The Demonstrations

Vivo Cosmetics

1. Twilight

2. Winter Bold

I was asked by Karla Powell to be the model for VIVO cosmetics 'Eyes of Gold', I absolutely adored this look especially with my outfit. 

Of course this was the set that I opted for, as I found the colours to be beautifully pigmented and the really showed up well on my skin tone. Now if only I could find them in my local Tesco my life would be complete.

Here is a sneak peak at the items I picked up whilst at the event.

Vivo Cosmetics

Look out for part two with Fashionista. x

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