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Though my time at TOWIB started off a bit shakily I was soon brought to a calm and relaxing place when FashionistA mua Katie Hughes started their demonstrations.

Can I just say WOW I instantly fell in love with the blue palette, because all I could think of was the Andrew Gallimore look I am about to do for Harrods Beauty "A study of Colour". The colours in that palette are absolutely perfect for this, I am going to be filming the video for that tomorrow so I will keep you posted. During this demonstration I was most interested in how Katie used their eyeliner pots as a base and how this really allowed the colours to pop.

Here is a sneak peek at how pigmented the colours were on darker skin.

love love love 

As a whole I was very impressed with the products that they had on display and the way in which the make up artists from both brands conducted their demonstrations, offering up useful tips and tricks along the way.

I can't wait to purchase some more  of these beautiful shadows especially the baked highlighter. Fashionista is available at Superdrug and VIVO at Tescos, if you go onto both their facebook pages you will see a list of the stores that they are available in   Anyhow I'll chat to you later. X

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