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Forgive me....

......father for I have sinned, it has been 2 months since my last confession. I decided to take a little bit of a breather from posting as I had most definitely lost my way. Blogging had become slighly overwhelming for me, not because I no longer enjoyed it but because I felt slightly pigeonholed . This was no ones doing but my own of course but nevertheless it stopped me in my tracks, as I found myself contemplating starting several blogs for all the various aspects to my personality.
You are probably unaware that I am actually a Lingerie Designer and also a photographer at As I finished my design degree last year I felt the need to document the different stages that I was going through but felt somewhat uncomfortable with putting it on my blog. As it had initially started off as a beauty blog. 
After attending TOWIB yesterday I have made the decision that, I'm gonna do what I want and when I want. This basically means that dollylovesyou is going to be expanding, with posts on my inspirations, everyday life and most definitely continuing on a large part with my beauty obsession. So I hope that you will be here to continue with me on this journey.
For you this means you will have more regular posts from me so I hope you enjoy this change. 


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  1. do it!! it's your space, write what you want. Lokking forward to reading more about your adventures x x


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