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Bargain Makeup Haul

StyleMeMarch# Day 4

OMG I found WetnWild in the UK not only that, but I got it for a £1. Yes thats right a beautiful shiny pound. So let me explain I went to Brixton just under 2wks ago for some Relaxer, as you do, but also to hunt down one of the Sleek Blush by 3 palettes but anyhow the last time I was there my mother dragged me into the £store or £Stretcher, I'm not that sure to be honest with you. So I figured I would check it out just in case there was something good in there, preferably I wanted some WetnWild 8 shadow palettes or Colour Sensationel Lipstick.
But anyhow as you walk in on the right hand side I spotted that they had a few bits and bobs nothing major but I picked up these two bad boys.

The WetnWild shadows were not as pigmented as I had hoped but very beautiful and soft all the same. The Revlon Matte Green is true to colour, but somewhat powdery so fallout maybe an issue. A beautiful deep green all the same so definitely worth the purchase.

Have any of you guys picked up a bargain recently?

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