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Harrods Magazine - A Study of Colour (Andrew Gallimore - Dior)

Look 2

I'm sure that you know by now that I usually do videos to go along with these recreations, but unfortunately I had a slight ummmm accident and deleted the eyeshadow application:-(( I was obviously having a bit of an off day when I originally downloaded it....I know cry me a river. Anyhow I really didnt want to skip this look as I felt that blues would work really well on darker skin and thought you might like to see my interpretation, even if they are simply images of the final look. Also I really wanted you to see how pigmented the FashionistA eyeshadows were from my last review.  X

Silver Lining - Shade 2 in the inner corners

Deep Ocean - Shade 11 across the entire top and bottom lid

Midnight Blue - Shade 12 in the crease for added depth and blended upwards

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush on the cheeks - H&M Kissess For Sale on the Lips 

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