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Pedi Pistol Professional

Ok so I went to TK Maxx, you may not know but i am always there checking to see the latest beauty deals they have in. Boy have I been able to pick a bucket load of goodies. All of which I have yet to review (but thats another story), on Monday I came across the Pedi Pistol Professional and after 30mins of pondering over its £9.99 price tag....I took the plunge.

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Initially I was worried that as it was battery operated it would not be able to generate enough power to rectify my badly maintained "pidders" would require - It is at this point that I advise you I have been unable to have a pedicure for just under 5 month, shock shock horror, I know but there was just no time and most definitely no money.

But anyhow, if any of you have seen the pedi pistol it is easy to become intimidated by the sheer length of the pistol, which i think was a huge mistake as i like to get up close and personal and this prevents this. Well needless to say I spent an hour of my morning going ooooh aaah and smiling inwardly to myself as my masterpiece unfolded.

Seriously I was totally blown away with the swiftness and ease at which the "pedi pistol" removed ridges from my nails, pushed back my cuticles and gave my nails a smother more well groomed appearance. Honestly words could not express my happiness, my poor toes have not seen the light of day for such a long period it really was a shame. I was so impressed i even showed my partner my toes  (seeing as he hadn't seen them in about 8 mths...) here I was raving away at how beautiful and smooth they are hahaha. It was definitely a wonderful feeling if I must say so myself and definitely worth the £9.99 investment.

Do you have a pedi pistol? What was your experience like?

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