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MAC ChenMan Collection

The MAC Chenman Collection launched this month in the UK, here are the pieces I picked up. I had been waiting with baited breath to see this collection in the flesh after watching Temptalias' review/unveiling of what the collection contained and her impressions of it. It was my intention to check out Force of Love lipstick and see if it was wearable on my skintone and have a look at the pigmentation of Love Cycle as Christine was not exactly enthusiastic about them, so that I could make a good informed decision. Anyhow I ended up leaving with Love Cycle and Force of Love Lipglass (I asked for the lipstick but as the lipstick and lipglass have the same name- in other words check before you leave the shop because by the time I got back it was sold out booo). Look out for a FOTD featuring these items soon X

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  1. Beautiful!! I love the eyeshadows!



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