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Purple Haze

StyleMeMarch# Day 5 Bold lipstick
I didnt want to go for the typical options so I thought I would be all dark and moody.

Max Factor Vivid Impact Lipcolor, 56 Hipster

Laura Mercier Eye and Cheek Palette 2011, rare taupe in tearduct, lavender silk inner portion of lid and regal violet in outer v.

I've been struggling with this pallette since I got it and have decided that I must conquer it 


  1. I'm reading this singing that bloody Purple Haze song now- Thanks a lot lady! Love the look you went for, Hope you didn't get blown away when you did eventually leave your house!! x

  2. Love it! might try this look ! xxx

  3. Loving these colors on you! Especially the purple eyeshadow! So stunning.


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